Identity labelling of medication

Mix-ups simply excluded

Standardised, end-to-end, unmistakeable medicine identity labelling is indispensable in day-to-day medical work. The risk of medication errors in acute and emergency medicine can be reduced significantly by the use of clear identification labelling on syringes pre-filled with medicines.

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Praxikett labels

These large and small self-adhesive, disinfectant-resistant syringe labels, and PLUS labels for infusion solutions, have a strongly adhering, ISEGA-approved adhesive, can be optionally written on, and adhere securely to plastic, glass or metal surfaces at temperatures from -10°C to +50°C.

As a basic principle, all the syringe labels comply with the ISO Standard 26825:2008 and fulfil the current DIVI/DGAI Recommendation for the Identification Marking of Syringes in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine and in Anaesthesia.

Our syringe labels rely on the use of two-dimensional data matrix codes that can be read using 2-D scanners. This DIVI Syringe Label Code (DSEC) includes the active ingredient as well as the quantity and unit, and constitutes an additional supervisory authority for the administration of medicines.

Rettikett labels

For use in ambulances, the Institute for Emergency Medicine (IfN) and the Consortium of Emergency Doctors Working in Northern German (AGNN) – in cooperation with Mediaform – has introduced a specifically-designed identification model for medicines in prefilled syringes.

The background to the joint project is the awareness that the use of labels on a roll has proved impracticable for use in ambulances. Therefore, in 2014, Rettikett labels were created to display all the important medications used in emergency medicine conveniently on a single DIN A5 page, which is easy to handle taking into account the various scenarios of an emergency deployment. The main focus is on medicines that are not administered immediately, but are prepared in advance and administered during the deployment.

Rettikett labels fulfil the requirements for high-quality, secure adhesion. A special ISEGA-certified adhesive is used, which is suitable for indirect adhesion to blood bags or infusion lines, among other things, and adheres firmly to the demanding surface of a small-radius syringe. Moreover, these syringe labels are disinfectant-resistant, and are therefore always reliably readable.

Praxikett Designer Online

There is also a simple online solution, developed specifically for the emergency services, to print standardised labels for all pre-filled medicines – in accordance with the recommendation by the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI). The Praxikett Designer software, available online, enables labels to be individually customised, printed out in-house, and enclosed with the ampoule kits. More than 250 emergency services already use this software, thus printing out the most important syringe labels for ambulances themselves, while simultaneously saving time and money. You can find the initial steps and a brief  instruction here: Online-Version of PraxiKett Designer.

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Praxikett Designer

By linking together medication and IT, Praxikett Designer paves the way for entirely new medication processes. The medication software, available as software for standard PCs, contains a catalogue of more than 500 standardised large and small syringe labels in accordance with the current DIVI/DGAI recommendation. The labels can either be printed out directly in the required quantity and combination, or adjusted to individual requirements and collected together in the profile management.

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