12. January 2021

Plant-based loop labels for the green industry

Reinbek, 12 January 2021. They are environmentally friendly and attractive, but still highly functional: the new Eco-Loop labels made from 100% organically-based material have the potential to become one of the top sellers in the Güse GmbH product range. Because these hard-wearing thermal transfer labels consist of sugar cane residues together with other natural materials, they are therefore particularly resource-friendly. At the same time, customers have no need to give up the customary convenience and materials properties.

Like grass, sugar cane is a real alternative to fossil raw materials in label production. Andreas Ziegler, Güse GmbH’s Division Manager, confirms that “We are currently seeing a very strong demand for such environmentally friendly identification labelling solutions, particularly due to statutory and regulatory framework conditions.” The reason: “Nowadays, consumers are acutely aware of the topic, and show greater willingness to pay more for products, packaging and labelling that have additional sustainability.” Therefore Güse, a well-established partner of the green industry, has constantly expanded its product range of sustainable labels in the past few months to allow it to fulfil its customers’ steadily growing requirements.

The new Eco-Loop labels in the Güse product range are manufactured from 70% sugar cane and 30% natural materials. Their basic materials are the milled residues produced when crushing sugar cane or obtaining syrup from sweet sorghum. The properties of these organically-based materials are comparable to those of plastic labels manufactured from petroleum, so they are usable in the majority of applications areas.

The new material also makes no difference to the makeup of loop labels, which is decisive for each application. These labels can be printed without problems and just as efficiently by using thermal transfer printers, which are also available from Güse. There is equally no need to make sacrifices with respect to the quality of their printing.

Because the labels are waterproof and tear-resistant, they can also be used for the identification labelling of shrubs, saplings, roses or other products in the outdoor area. Andreas Ziegler stresses that “We currently stock these labels only in white and in the usual 25 x 241 mm standard format, but we will progressively expand our product range to allow us to offer our customers the usual broad selection in this product line as well.”

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