02. February 2022

Strong highlights at the point of sale

The “Garden Centre” World of Experience: Güse GmbH has again expanded its product range in the communications and information aids area, which was already extensive, to include the Green Sector. An even more attractive product range with new poster systems and slate boards, also sustainable, is now available to plant dealers for a direct approach to customers. Gift voucher cards with a variety of motifs are another novelty that ensures additional turnover in flower sales, and in turn creates enthusiasm among customers.

Clearly readable posters in the right positions convey important information and bring the respective products into the customer’s focus, thus promoting plant sales. For example, for a professional presentation of plants and flowers, garden technology or even indoor accessories, Güse offers “Greenline”, a fixed-position and above all an environmentally friendly poster system in DIN A4 format. The four-part system comprises of a chrome-plated rod and a 21.8 x 30.5 cm plastic frame consisting of 60% renewable raw materials. The baseplate and T-piece are also made of polycarbonate and, like the frame, are available in the colours organic green, red, white and black.

Another newcomer in the portfolio is especially flexible: the five-part poster stands for indoor use have a practical, pull-out chrome-plated rod and a transparent frame made of unbreakable acrylic. In addition to plastic boards in a variety of designs, Güse now also offers slate lacquer boards in DIN A4 and DIN A5 formats, together with a matching pen, to give a natural-looking presentation of the products.

The new folding gift voucher cards in long DIN format can be offered to supplement or even as an alternative to buying flowers – and are an effective instrument with regard to service friendliness as well as increased turnover.

They are made from matte paper with a thickness of 300 g/m2. The front is decorated with a brilliantly-printed, four-colour product image, optionally with the motifs “Garlic”, “Roses” or “Bouquet of Flowers”. The inside provides space for personal messages. The areas for voucher value, dealer’s stamp, date and signature are pre-printed and can be filled out individually. Matching high-quality envelopes are included in the delivery.

Detailed information can be found at https://www.guese.de/

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