08. July 2021

Wide range of top-quality cryo-labels

The “Guideline for cryopreserving egg and semen cells or germ cell tissue and corresponding medical procedures on account of germ-cell-damaging therapy” came into force in February 2021. By introducing cryopreservation, the legislator gives men and women who are affected the opportunity finally to fulfil a wish for children, and to be able to bill the corresponding services from 1st July 2021 onwards.

Cryopreservation labels are real “high-tech products”. They must withstand the most severe requirements without damage in their containers in the various process stages – from freezing, storage and transport to the subsequent thawing out of the cells.

Mediaform cryo-labels were developed specifically for use in extreme temperature ranges. The adhesives and materials both withstand temperatures from -196°C to +120°C. The labels adhere securely to surfaces and guarantee consistent text and image quality, even with frequent freeze and thaw cycles. This makes them attractive particularly for pathology laboratories, biobanks and laboratories focusing on human genetics and molecular biology, and for cell culture products manufacturers.

Cryo Lab Satin White labels, which we produce ourselves, consist of satin-white, opaque polyester film and have very high dimensional stability. Moreover, they resist solvents, moisture and UV – and due to their specific properties they are also suitable for use in pharmaceutical companies and laboratories for identific­ation labelling on test tubes, vials, ampoules or capillaries, or for use in laboratory centrifuges.

Their clear, permanently-adhering acrylate-based high-performance adhesive is characterised by very high initial adhesion and adhesive power on a wide range of materials. Even at low temperatures and on surfaces that have already been cooled, it also adheres reliably to the curved surfaces of glass and treated polypropylene (PP) monovettes.

MARKENetiketten inspire confidence by top quality, and conform to all the Directives / Guidelines currently in force for identification labelling in the health services. They are available as roll labels in many variants – e.g. with a 40 mm roll core or a 25 mm roll core, and in various shapes and sizes.

For printing, Mediaform offers a wide range of suitable thermal transfer printers in various performance classes from leading manufacturers.

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