Covid-19 projects

Covid-19 vaccine identification labelling

Safe, secure identification labelling for vial, syringe and documentation labels is indispensable in the newly-established vaccination centres that have been set up throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. Based on many years of experience in the health service, Mediaform has installed autonomously-operating scan-to-print solutions in the exhibition halls in the Hamburg vaccination centre. These are suitable both for “Covid-19 vaccine vial identification labelling” and for the subsequent “Covid-19 vaccine syringe and documentation identification labelling”. This guarantees safe, secure vaccination together with seamless documentation and track-and-trace follow-up at all times.
Mediaform’s “Covid-19 vaccine vial identification labelling” and “Covid-19 vaccine syringe and documentation identification labelling” consist of hardware components specifically appropriate for these applications – label printers and attached 2-D barcode scanners – together with matching roll labels that are especially suitable for use in pharmacies and laboratories.

More information: Presentation "Covid-19 vaccine identification labelling"

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GUID labels to retrieve diagnostic findings via a QR scan

Read-out errors occurred in laboratories in the past few months when using GUID Codes on blank forms of the 10C and OEGE type to retrieve findings. In response to requests by various laboratory customers, Mediaform has developed GUID label sets that both solve the readability problem and, in the long term, also enable data-protection-compliant findings transfer for other diagnostic findings.

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Patient identification and triage

The purpose of a methodical triaging method is to prioritise medical assistance services, especially in the event of an unexpectedly large influx of patients and objectively insufficient resources. The method involves classifying and identifying patients according to the severity of their illness, to enable suitable treatment to be given in a quick, orderly manner. This process often uses colours, to offer each member of the assistance team an immediate, conspicuous indication of the appropriate support for the respective process.

Our patient wristbands are acknowledged medical products, and have also become established on millions of occasions. In addition, we offer red wristbands that can be directly printed or labelled in handwriting.

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Ventilation and the identification labelling of medicines

Clear identification labelling is essential, especially when there is a large influx of patients and the requirements for medication are extensive. As a rule, the medications prescribed for patient ventilation are always the same. We have summarised this requirement in a  sheet of DIN A4 labels, thus enabling the quick, error-free identification  of both perfusors and lines.

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