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Barcode scanners

Manage barcodes, monitor, automate and optimise business processes – whether they are in a laboratory, hospital, warehouse or a production facility. Correct reading and automatic acquisition of all the information in the codes needs high-performance barcode scanners. These cannot only read one-dimensional codes, but can also acquire and transmit 2-D codes.  

Mediaform offers a variety of scanners from well-known brand manufacturers for different areas of application:

  • Presentation scanners
  • Multipurpose handheld scanners
  • Industrial scanners

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Special requirements for the health service

Barcode scanners used in the health service must take the special needs of medical equipment into account – e.g. a particularly robust, disinfectant-resistant housing or special protection against being dropped.

The application should always be paramount when choosing a suitable barcode scanner. For this, Mediaform offers scanners for the following areas of application in pharmacies, clinics and laboratories:

  • Bedside scanning / Point of Care
  • e-medication plan / discharge management
  • Endoprostheses / implant register
  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • FM (Falsified Medicines) Directive / AMTS (Pharmacotherapy Safety)
  • Operating theatre environment  

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