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Our hallmark: a solution every time. That's especially true when the subject of labels is involved, because Mediaform offers you the right label for every application. You will find a comprehensive portfolio in our online shop – classified by label type, printing process, application and brands.  

  • Tag labels
    Because they are manufactured without adhesive, tag labels are used when nothing can or should be stuck to the product.
  • Pre-cut-labels
    Thanks to a variety of materials, colours and formats, pre-cut labels offer almost unlimited opportunities for their use in various sectors.
  • Labels on a roll
    Labels on a roll are characterised by a large number of formats and a variety of different materials – ranging from paper to plastic film labels, permanently adhering or detachable labels.
  • Place labels
    Place labels or landing place labels enable repeated labelling, and the quick, residue-free removal of old labels.
  • Loop labels
    Loop labels enable adhesive-free identification labelling, especially in sensitive areas of use. 

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Medical labels

As a rule, diagnostics and therapy are associated with the use of labels to identify sample containers, single-use items and medicines. Influences such as humidity, low temperatures, reduced-size sample materials in the context of patient blood management (PBM) and high levels of automation impose the highest demands on label materials durability and printing readability. Everything from adhesive paper labels and plastic film to metallised materials; our product range covers all the areas of application for identification label solutions in the health service.

As a long-standing partner in the health service, Mediaform offers medical labels for a wide variety of application areas and uses in hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies. Whether it's on a ward, in IT, warehousing and logistics or in a laboratory or pharmacy – thanks to our comprehensive portfolio, we have the right label for every application.

  • Automatic machine-generated labels
    During production, we impose particularly stringent requirements regarding the dimensions, flatness, coiling and material of our laboratory labels intended for use in automatic laboratory equipment. Due to the high sensitivity of the colour-forming main layer, our automatic machine-generated labels printed by the direct thermal process are able to print deep black and condensed barcodes.
  • Pre-cut labels in sheet form
    The characteristic features of labels in sheet form are outstandingly good print quality and maximum processing reliability when printing. These self-adhesive labels have permanent adhesion and optimum suitability for laser & inkjet printers and copiers. The cleared label edge protects the printing technology from being contaminated with adhesive.
  • Blood bag labels 
    Primary and secondary blood bag labels must stick to blood bags quickly and without preheating, and must adhere reliably at low temperatures. To avoid manual copying errors, subfields must be separately removable and adhesively re-attachable for documentation purposes. All the labels conform to DIN ISO 3826.
  • Microscopy stain baths
    Every microscopic examination is preceded by preparation of the cells and tissues. These labels, developed specifically to identify microscope slides, resist staining chemicals and temperatures, thus enabling the unambiguous, durable labelling of specimen materials. 
  • Labels for pharmacy and research
    For identification using pharmaceutical labels, Mediaform offers a broad range of materials and adhesives for a wide variety of substrates, printing processes and areas of use. The label material that is offered is also suitable for high-resolution printing – e.g. for 2-D barcodes in the context of patient-specific medicine supplies. High durability and adhesive strength are also paramount.
  • Equipment inventory labels
    Peeloff-resistant, self-destruct inventory labels can be used for the durable, tamper-proof identification of high-value inventory equipment, e.g. medical instruments. Unauthorised peel-off and re-use is effectively prevented, thus providing optimum protection against tampering attempts.
  • Cryo-refrigeration labels 
    These special labels are particularly suited for use at extremely low temperatures, because the adhesives and materials are suitable for environmental temperatures down to -196°C. Cryo-labels are particularly suitable for areas of application in pathology laboratories, bio-banks, laboratories specialising in human genetics and molecular biology, and for cell culture product manufacturers.
  • Sample labels 
    The secure identification of laboratory samples needs labels with reliable adhesion, disinfectant resistance and good readability that are suitable for storage in a refrigerated sample archive. Unprinted laboratory labels can be individually printed using thermal, inkjet or laser printers. Pre-printed laboratory labels  are securely packed in a dispenser box developed for everyday practical use and guaranteeing protected storage and convenient removal.
  • Rettiketts (emergency service labels)
    In 2014 - in cooperation with Mediaform - the IfN (Emergency Medicine Institute) and the AGNN (Consortium of Emergency Doctors Working in North Germany) introduced an identification model specifically designed for ready-to-use medicines for use in ambulances. The DIN A5-sized page shows all the important emergency medical medications. The focus is on medicines that are not administered immediately, but are prepared in advance and administered during the deployment. Rettiketts fulfil the requirements for high-quality, secure adhesion. They use a special ISEGA-certified adhesive suitable for indirect adhesion to blood bags or infusion lines, which holds securely onto the demanding surface of a small-radius injection syringe.
  • Security labels
    Security labels are self-destruct and, depending on the type, either leave lettering on the substrate when peeled off, or lettering appears on the label. A seal label's documentation of integrity enables any unauthorised opening of storage or transport containers, e.g. in a foodstuffs supply chain, to be proved unequivocally.
  • Syringe labels
    These large and small self-adhesive, disinfectant-resistant syringe labels and PLUS labels for infusion solutions have a strongly-adhering, ISEGA-approved adhesive, can be optionally written on, and adhere securely to plastic, glass or metal surfaces at temperatures from -10°C to +50°C. All the syringe labels conform to ISO Standard 26825:2008 and satisfy the current DIVI/DGAI (German interdisciplinary Association for ICU medicine & Emergency Medicine/German Society of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine) recommendation for identification labelling in intensive and emergency medicine and in anaesthesia. The syringe labels are based on the use of 2-dimensional data matrix codes (DIVI Syringe Label Code, DSEC), which also includes the quantity and unit in addition to the active ingredient.
  • Sterilisation labels
    These indicator labels, certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11140-1:2005, are a reliable solution to enable documentation of the fact that steam sterilisation has been carried out, by a permanent colour change from pink to brown. A special surface coating prevents the indicator colour from rubbing off. The tendency to wrinkle as a result of steam penetration is greatly reduced.  
  • Water-soluble labels 
    These are especially suitable for the identification labelling of multi-use laboratory containers and reusable transport containers, e.g. in central clinic kitchens. The labels are completely dissolved and gently removed from the substrate in a few seconds during the cleaning process - expensive mechanical cleaning processes are eliminated .

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