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Whether it's classical forms, sample labels or automated documentary data-acquisition software – Mediaform offers professional solutions for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

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Medical forms

Up to the present, in spite of increasing electronic networking between laboratories, hospitals and doctor's practices, classical forms are indispensable data carriers for service requests, billing and the documentation of findings. Moreover, forms need to be processed in a wide variety of form-based order entry systems.

Mediaform develops and produces technically high-quality findings forms and preprints for the health service. Mediaform also creates individually-designed customised forms. All the technical and legal provisions are complied with, of course, because the Mediaform Druckprodukte GmbH company is certified in accordance with the quality management standard DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Medical labels

Whether it's for blood bag labelling in accordance with EU Directives, colour-change indicator labels for central sterilisation, or labels for syringes and samples – identification labelling solutions in the health service need to exhibit special qualities, and must conform to all the guidelines, Directives and standards currently in force.

Nowadays, modern laboratory medicine uses suitable, securely-barcoded sample tube labels to unambiguously identify samples. At the same time, the label materials used for this purpose must conform to very particular requirements – e.g. they must be disinfectant-resistant, waterproof, suitable for freezing or heat-resistant.

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Medical software

Mediaform develops software solutions aimed at optimising workflows and working procedures to acquire and record medical data in laboratories and clinics. By using the modularly constructed ScanTools software, documentary data acquisition and recording can be automated, and forms corrected in only a single work step. Depending on the requirement, the software can be built up from a single workstation system to a distributed server system. ScanTools systems process millions of order data every day, and design analysis to be safer, more secure, quicker and more efficient.    

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