ganzheitlichen Kennzeichnungslösungen für unterschiedlichste Branchen und Anwendungen

Solutions for industry

In the German-speaking region, Mediaform is one of the leading suppliers of both commercial and integrated identification solutions for a very wide variety of sectors and applications. More than 30 years of product and application competence, an almost seamless product portfolio, and last but not least our passion for our customers' individual requirements combine to make us both a professional and a reliable partner for the industry. In production, trading and healthcare, and in logistics and dispatch. Including outstandingly good advice and excellent service.


Labelling and identification solutions are an integral component of an efficient production operation. Modern auto-ID systems and optimally readable, long-life labels enable intelligent tracking & tracing of products along the entire value-added chain. 

Produktkennzeichnung mittels Klebe-, Anhänger- oder Schlaufenetiketten

Products & goods

The use of adhesive, tag and wraparound labels for product identification is omnipresent, and is an essential building block for smooth business processes in all sectors and areas, today as well as in the future. 

Warehouse logistics

From incoming goods and order-picking to outgoing goods and dispatch - for identification labelling in the logistics process that is both efficient and economic. 


Requirements in the wholesale and retail trades are as diverse as the products that need to have identification labelling. 

Kennzeichnungs- und Archivierungslösungen


Administration the easy way - the aspects that must be easy but nonetheless in conformity with the law presuppose reliable identification labelling and archiving solutions that are flexible while being reliable at the same time. 

Entsprechender Etikettierung im Versandhandel

Mail order

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