Produkt-, Verpackungs-, Regal- und Flächenauszeichnung, Hinweis- und Warnschilder, Aktions- und Sicherheitsetiketten

Trade labelling

The requirements in the wholesale and retail trade are as diverse as the products that need to be labelled. The commonest applications scenarios include product, package, shelf and surface identification, instruction and warning signs, and campaign & safety labels. Foodstuffs are presented in refrigerated surroundings or on a chiller shelf, while industrial and gardening products in turn are stored on outdoor surfaces. Nevertheless, the same applies in every case: the identification labelling must be informative, legible, on-brand, and above all optimally attuned to the respective application, location and product composition. Last but not least, the legal/statutory requirements must be fulfilled, and so must the steadily increasing consumer interest with regard to sustainability.

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Price labelling

All the important information at a glance – that's what creates trust among consumers and strengthens customer loyalty. The identification labelling of the goods must also fulfil current standards and statutory/legal provisions at the same time. Which technology and which model of printer come into question to print your labels, and which labels are really needed, will depend on the specific circumstances. Which products need to be labelled? What is the size of the daily print volume? Is there a requirement for printed information with prolonged legibility, or also for attractively coloured labels? Where will the printer be used?

Together with you, we will gladly clarify these and other questions. We have an adequate solution for the numerous requirements in the trade. Beginning with powerfully-performing printing systems, and all the way to the corresponding accessories and compatible consumable materials. 

Warenkennzeichnung mit aktuelle Normen und gesetzliche Bestimmungen

Point of Sale (POS)

In the retail trade, modern scanners capture barcodes on products or packages quickly and reliably from short distances. Even dirty, faded or incomplete barcodes still remain readable. Portable reader devices support automated goods management with modern checkout systems. In this way, you can shorten the checkout process and avoid prolonged waiting times in front of the checkout. Scanners can be a valuable help in discussions with customers if you are asked to state the current price when the writing on the product is unreadable. Moreover, these handy all-rounders are also used for stocktaking. In parallel, scanners have also been an indispensable helper in pharmacies since the e-medication plan was introduced. However, to read out the encrypted information in a 2-D matrix code, pharmacists need reader devices specially adapted to the specific requirements in the health service, and whose housings can be disinfected.

Lesegeräte unterstützen eine automatisierte Warenwirtschaft mit modernen Kassensystemen

Safety and security

Damage to or the loss of high-value products is not uncommon in the retail trade. The number of thefts still remains at a high level, and the real figure is extremely large due to undiscovered crimes. The annual damage amounts to several billions of Euros in Germany alone. The most popular objects in this respect include electronics products in the data processing and IT retail trade, as well as cosmetics, spirits, miniature products, tools, toys, clothing and jewellery.

In view of these alarming figures: be prepared! For these different requirements, Mediaform offers tailor-made solutions whose simplicity is impressive, and so in particular is their effectiveness.

Sicherheit im Handel