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What is the German Coalition for Patient Safety?

The German Coalition for Patient Safety e.V. (APS), founded in April 2005, is a non-profit association that works to ensure safer healthcare. To this end, the APS devotes itself to the development, research and dissemination of suitable methods to guarantee health care. 

The Coalition's work is determined by four ground rules:

1. Credibility through independence
2. Pooling specialist competences
3. From practice - for practice
4. Multidisciplinary practice

Various representatives of the medical and health professions joined forces in the APS to build a platform to improve patient safety and security in Germany. The Coalition's projects and initiatives are jointly supported by all the Coalition's members. 

What does the programme of work by the APS look like?
The programme of work by the APS consists of a series of concrete projects that are being undertaken by the Coalition's multidisciplinary work groups. The various work groups publish these results in the form of recommendations for action which the APS makes available free of charge to all the establishments in the German healthcare system. 

What does Mediaform contribute?
Mediaform, via its Medical Products Division, makes an active contribution to patient safety and security through an attractive portfolio that follows the recommendations of the APS. As market leader in the patient wristbands area, we consider that we have a duty to support the Coalition for Patient Safety. As a member of the Coalition, we present our work at events including those set up by the APS, for example the Patient Safety and Security Day.