10. June 2024

In the Mediaform shop now: Innovative MDA devices for the healthcare services

Two new innovative Mobile Data Acquisition (MDA) devices are now available in the Mediaform shop: the Zebra HC20 and HC50. This latest generation of robust mobile computers is specifically designed for use in the healthcare sector, and sets new standards in terms of efficiency, hygiene and ease of use. These MDA devices are resistant to disinfectants, ergonomically designed and versatile to use - so they not only offer maximum performance, but also guarantee safe, hygienic use in critical environments.

An overview of the key features:

  1. Disinfectant-resistant: The surface resists disinfectants, thus ensuring optimum hygiene.
  2. Ergonomic - easy to use: These MDA devices are ergonomically designed to maximise ease of use. With a high-resolution, borderless 6-inch FHD+ (Full High Definition Plus) display, users can read information clearly and distinctly.
  3. Versatile operation: The devices can be operated effortlessly even when wearing thin gloves. They also have an emergency button for critical situations.
  4. Hot-swap function: A hot-swap function allows batteries to be replaced during operation, which ensures uninterrupted use.
  5. Barcode capture: Even damaged or poorly-printed 1D and 2D codes are no problem. The devices can capture barcodes precisely, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy when collecting data such as UDI (Unique Device Identification) barcodes on medical devices.
  6. High-resolution camera: With a 16-megapixel camera, the devices enable high-resolution photos to be captured.
  7. State-of-the-art connectivity: The Zebra HC20 supports Wi-Fi 6, while the HC50 even offers Wi-Fi 6E. This ensures that the devices are always compatible with the latest wireless technologies.

MDA devices optimise the efficiency and safety of clinical-diagnostic processes. In contrast to classic barcode scanners, MDAs enable bidirectional communication and the installation of apps, e.g. wound documentation and closed-loop medication administration, appointment scheduling and IP telephony. By adding the Zebra HC20 and HC50 MDA devices to its product portfolio, Mediaform once again focusses on innovative technologies to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare sector.

Mediaform – Your partner in mobile device management

Thanks to a standardised IT infrastructure, Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables the centralised, location-independent management of mobile devices. MDM takes place in two stages: Firstly, Android Zero Touch allows basic settings to be made to support users and relieve the IT department during the rollout of mobile data acquisition devices (MDAs). In a second stage, the MDM software SOTI Mobicontrol permits the central configuration and management of apps, documents, rights, corporate design and site localisation. This software also offers centralised maintenance in real time, including analysis tools and updates, ensuring the efficient, seamless management of all mobile devices.

Zebra HC20 / HC50 MDA devices are available in the Mediaform Shop now.

More information and ordering at:
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Zebra HC50 - WLAN - MDE-Terminal

More information about Mobile Device Management at:
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The new Zebra HC50 MDE device in use

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