28. February 2022

New solutions for medication identity labelling and patient identification

“Mobile Healthcare” in a nutshell: Mediaform will be present as an all-in-one competence partner in top form on Stand C-102, Hall 1.2, at the DMEA 2022 trade fair in Berlin, the biggest European industry get-together for healthcare IT. In addition to mobile data acquisition solutions and a wide range of demand-based labels for the healthcare sector, particular emphasis will focus on a new development: Mediscan. This modularly designed app helps medical staff to maintain a safe medication process, thus decisively contributing to an increase in patient safety and security.

The medication process to administer liquid active ingredients in syringes is an essential part of daily work in a clinic ward or intensive care unit. Mediaform’s MediScan app now makes this process significantly easier, and above all safer and more secure, since modules building on one another for the individual parts of the medication process are now available in the app to support medical staff.

In this respect, registration of the respective patient takes place in the “Job Registration” module by means of a unique case number – optionally also with additional patient data such as name, first name, date of birth and sex – to give added safety and security. Next, the required or prescribed active ingredients are assigned by simple selection in the app, and are combined in a single order. Because, for maximum user convenience, the MediScan app already offers as standard a choice from among all the active ingredients and concentrations according to the DIVI (German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine) Recommendation 2012. The corresponding patient order is then prepared via the “Verify and Print” module for further processing, whereby a comparison between the active ingredients recorded in the job and the actual active ingredients can take place by a scan of the barcode on the bottle or package, or also by a visual check by the medical personnel. If the match is successful, the corresponding medication label can be printed and clearly assigned. An additional “Administration Check” module is available to safeguard the administration. This involves identifying the respective patient via a scan of the patient’s wristband. Successfully matched syringes are confirmed and can be administered to the patient.

The MediScan app is based on Mediaform’s high-performance KIT platform (Components Information Technology), which is an indispensable building block in a world of fast, individually customised product delivery. The modules of this innovative IT structure range from administering a software product, data acquisition and data storage to generating complex documents based on the stored data. At the same time, there is an opportunity to expand the data by imports, or to use it for other purposes by exporting it. The software architecture also provides a fast connection to and exchange with other software via REST interfaces (REpresentational State Transfer). The interfaces were designed by ROCKIT for easy administration of KIT and of other products, e.g. the MediScan app. The advantage: the technical back-end is easy to operate. Even individually customised products can be configured without help from developers.

Another highlight exhibited by Mediaform at the DMEA under the “Mobile Healthcare” claim is its comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly mobile data acquisition devices. The mobile data acquisition range on offer comprises various handhelds and tablets from well-known manufacturers, which optimise and safely, securely configure the data flow from order-picking to patient identification in hospitals and medical practices. According to Carsten Simmich: “Thanks to our diversified product range, we can offer the optimum hardware in each case for a very wide variety of applications areas and needs – and can thus adapt the processes to the company rather than the company to the processes as in the past.” Mediaform’s customers already benefit from multiple advantages today, e.g. by significantly increased quality and efficiency, as well as through less effort, reduced costs and high process safety and security.

In addition, to implement the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) which is already in force, Mediaform presents suitable, ready-preconfigured barcode scanners in a variety of designs for the safe, secure read-out of complex 1D/2D barcodes. These high-performance, ergonomic, hygienically-designed TTP and Eco models also contribute to an optimised identification process, and are perfectly suited to the specific requirements of the healthcare sector, e.g. with regard to disinfectant resistance as well as user friendliness.

In the context of a complete range of solutions, trade fair visitors can also obtain information from Mediaform about suitable printing solutions. The robust healthcare and wristband printers are specifically designed for use in hospitals and laboratories. Of course, like the mobile data acquisition devices and scanners being exhibited, they also fulfil the special requirements of medical establishments.

As usual, Mediaform turns the focus last but not least onto its almost unique range of products and services in the labels area. Among other things, the standard range includes strongly adhering labels for sample identification, which guarantee 100% legibility – as well as labels for special applications in biobanks, pathology laboratories and research. To be seen on the trade fair stand is an exceptional range of microscope slides and cryo-labels that are usable in demanding applications at extremely low temperatures, or even in staining solutions. Moreover, a comprehensive range of patient wristbands in both conventional and RFID designs is available for safe, secure patient identification, and various options for automated patient identification will also demonstrated by Mediaform at the DMEA.

At the same time, the ability to deliver is always guaranteed, thanks to our own in-house label production facilities. If necessary, however, the identification labelling experts will also develop individually-customised solutions for customers with special requirements, e.g. greater disinfectant resistance.

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