Mobile Computing

The technical term ‘Mobile Computing’ adds process-oriented user software to complement the discipline of mobile data acquisition. We in the Mediaform team will gladly advise you about integrated process optimisation through Mobile Computing. In addition to hardware, we offer you the corresponding service products and advise you about conceptually designing a (web-based) software solution.


The hardware: mobile computers

A mobile data acquisition device (abbreviation: MDA device) reads in data and makes it available for further processing. The software provides the required solution at the same time, through its mode of operation.

The difference between an MDA device / mobile computer and a classical barcode scanner lies in their processing and communications functionalities. Thus when using a mobile data acquisition device, you can further process data that is read in before it is finally processed and fed into the system. In addition, the working process can be designed to be leaner and more efficient by choosing a matching software solution. As examples, we would like to emphasise the following advantages:

  • Monitoring it yourself through real-time insights into the data base,
  • direct entry if barcodes are unreadable,
  • or even the use of a digital calendar, timer or camera function.

Moreover, many MDA devices offer a telephone and/or voice communication function. In this respect, their range depends on the communication type of the respective terminal devices. The latter can also offer different durability and resistance features and protection classes, on which their suitability for the respective application areas will depend.


The right software

The software carries out the required solution in the data acquisition process. In this respect, it is especially important that the individual data acquisition process steps are clearly defined. This is the only way in which the software development can be planned efficiently, and the final software product programmed so as to be user-friendly.

Mediaform also offers suitable MDM software packages accordingly – initially for the MDE devices of the manufacturer Zebra Technologies. Learn more about Mobile Device Management and get information about the cloud-based MDM software packages from Mediaform here.

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