12. June 2023

Greater safety in the identification labelling, traceability and allocation of blood donations

Products + expertise for World Blood Donation Day = Mediaform

Exactly on time for the worldwide Blood Donor Day on 14 June, Mediaform puts the focus on its strong portfolio of labels that are ideal for the secure labelling and allocation of blood and blood plasma bags. What’s more: as one of the leading suppliers in the field of medicinal identification labelling solutions, the company guarantees reliable printing of the label material with user-friendly, economical printing solutions and excellent support.

Blood bags are high-value products whose contents can save lives. However, the identification labelling process is a real challenge, because labels must adhere reliably to the flexible bags over a long period of time, during which they need to survive demanding storage conditions including low temperatures in a refrigerator or freezer. Despite high adhesive strength, the material and adhesive must not migrate and contaminate the pack contents. At the same time, machine-readable barcodes with tracking components guarantee the uninterrupted traceability of critical information along the process chain - and crisp information in the form of text, numbers and images is a plus in terms of allocation, safety and efficiency in the stressful daily medical routine.

For professional identification labelling, Mediaform offers a wide range of primary and secondary blood bag labels in different formats that adapt perfectly to the shape of the bag, do not require PVC, have high adhesive strength and durability and are nevertheless easy to attach. High-quality MARKENetiketten labels from our own production as well as from renowned brand manufacturers can be used in temperature ranges from -80°C to +140°C. To avoid transmission errors, portions of the blood bag labels can be peeled off separately and re-attached for documentation purposes. Naturally, all the materials offered comply with FDA regulations and are certified by the ISEGA testing institute in accordance with the DIN ISO 3826 standard for “plastic bags for human blood and blood components.”

The one-stop supplier in the Hanseatic city also offers a wide selection of label printers in various performance classes that are optimally matched to the consumables. This spectrum ranges from highly-flexible mobile printers and compact, economical desktop models for low to medium print volumes to high-performance industrial printers for complex printing requirements with maximum efficiency and complexity. The powerful range is rounded off with compatible ink ribbons and inks, together with an extensive range of accessories for optimum label storage and adhesion.

The comprehensive medical products catalogue together with an initial sample package can be requested from Mediaform without obligation at anfragen@mediaform.de using the keyword “blood bag labels”. For a personal consultation appointment or soundly-based offer, Stephanie Kleist (phone: +49 (0) 40-727360-69) is the right contact person.

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