Medication plan

Increase drug therapy safety by using the e-Medication Plan

Since 1 October 2016, pursuant to Section 31a of the Social Security Statute Book (SGB), every legally insured patient who takes more than three different medicines per day is entitled to a structured, paper-based medication plan. In its standardised format, this nationwide standard medication plan, also called the e-Medication Plan, constitutes a clear, comprehensive record of the current medication, which the patient can understand. 

This is intended to create a recognisable dose schedule that supports patients in the correct use of their  medication, and contributes towards improving the safety and security of medicinal therapy. At the same time, it gives doctors and pharmacists seamless information about the patient's entire medication. Therefore, an optionally usable additional barcode is attached to the medication plan. It contains the information about the medicine plan in digital form, and enables this to be read in and updated via a barcode scanner, independently of the respective practice, pharmacy or clinic software. This makes the secure, cross-sectoral communication of medical data possible for the first time.

Discharge management

Since 1 July 2017, all German hospitals must work according to nationwide binding standards pursuant to Section 39, Para. 1a of the German Social Security Statute Book V (SGB) when discharging patients. This is designed to ensure that every patient receives a needs-appropriate follow-on supply in accordance with their individual requirements. This includes the structured, secure forwarding of care-relevant information, e.g. the discharge letter with a diagnosis, discharge finding and the e-Medication plan. 

The background to this standardised discharge management is the closure of gaps in healthcare provision after full or partial in-patient treatment. The "Act Strengthening the Provision of Care in Statutory Health Insurance" (GKV) creates a possibility for hospitals, in the context of discharge management, to be authorised to prescribe outpatient services such as medicines, dressings, remedies and aids to health, nursing care at home, and various therapeutic treatments for a period of up to seven days, and to have the power to certify incapacity for work for a limited time.

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